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What is Hand Eye Coordination?

Hand-eye coordination is the ability to perform activities that require simultaneous use of the hands and eyes.

We use Hand Eye Coordination every day whilst we perform our normal activities.   Simple tasks such as picking up objects from the floor to more complex tasks like needle work, painting etc.

Hand Eye Cordination Definition

“Age-related changes are caused by the loss of function to multiple areas of the brain. As we age, the neuromuscular communication in our body isn’t as strong as it was earlier in life. A recent study found evidence that age-related changes in visual perception may also affect hand-eye coordination. The study showed that younger people interpret and react to near-body space in a fundamentally different way than older adults”.

Source:  https://www.healthline.com/health/hand-eye-coordination#causes

Examples of everyday activities that use

Hand Eye Coordination

Steering a Car whilst Driving

Writing & Drawing

We send visual information to the brain to tell us where the hand is placed and if our handwriting or drawing skills are legible with the information we have put down on paper.  Visual feedback allows us to correct drawings and letters.



We use hand eye coordination to keep the car in the middle lane or turn corners.  Also putting your keys in the ignition requires hand eye coordination.  

More examples of tasks involving Hand Eye Coordination.


  • Sports & Exercise
  • Cooking & Eating
  • Cleaning
  • Getting Dressed
  • Striking Keys on your phone
  • Reaching for Objects.
  • Gardening
Cooking Requires Hand Eye Cordination

Can We Improve Hand Eye Cooridination as We Age?

Yes, but we do need to be aware that as we age there is a normal decline in perceptual motor skills and that other factors could be contributing to decreased hand eye coordination.

In my experience there is a certain decline in hand eye coordination because

  • we either stop doing activities
  • limit the activities we do
  • or  spend less time doing activities that could improve our Hand Eye Coordination.
Hand Eye Coordination Youtube

Try My


5 Minute


Hand Eye Coordination

YouTube Class

Benefits of Hand Eye Coordination

According to (https://balancedlifetaichi.com/blog/whats-the-relationship-between-aginging-and-hand-eye-coordination)

“HEC helps us translate stimulus from our eyes into our body movements and action. The benefits are wide spread and include:

    Benefits of Hand Eye Coordination

    According to (https://balancedlifetaichi.com/blog/whats-the-relationship-between-aginging-and-hand-eye-coordination)

    “HEC helps us translate stimulus from our eyes into our body movements and action. The benefits are wide spread and include:

      • Improving our central and peripheral vision
      • Training the eye and brain to pick up details and recognize changes
      • Making it easier to switch between near and far distances and depth
      • Mitigating clumsiness and making us more surefooted
      • Improving mobility and flexibility
      • Making complicated and simple tasks easier”

      What can we do to Improve Hand Eye Coordination?

      If you feel that your Hand Eye Coordination is affected by lack of use, I suggest taking up a fun activity that allows you to improve the HEC

      Join my Seated Chair Aerobics via Zoom

      Seated Aerobics via Zoom

      One activity that I like to do particular in my chair aerobics is to play with balls.  If you were looking in on my class, you would think that we are having a lot of fun.  You would be right because the class is fun.  

      We do exercises with a ball to challenge our hand eye coordination such as: 

      • Throwing the ball up and catching with both hands
      • Throwing the ball up and catching with one hand
      • Throw the ball up and clapping your hands under your legs quick enough to catch the ball
      • Throw the ball up with your right hand and do leg movements with your left. 

      You can do this class via Zoom or do my chair aerobics class on YouTube.  If you live in the NT you can also do the class at COTA with me. 


      Hand Eye Coordination is involved in  every task we perform throughout the day except sleeping.

      As I age, it makes sense to me to ensure I involve a specific activity every day to improve my hand and eye coordination.

      If you would like more information on Hand Eye Coordination check out the resources below:

      Please let me know your thoughts!

      Cheers Sharon