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Bennefit of Seated Exercise Class

A Seated Exercise Class is fun and on first look may seem an easy and simple workout but don’t be fooled, we are here to exercise (and of course Laugh out Loud).  There are many benefits to working out while seated.

Such as:

  • Improved Cardiovascular Benefits
  • Improved Stamina
  • Increased Muscle Strength
  • Improved Flexibility and mobility
  • Improved Posture
  • Enhanced Mood
  • Boosts Circulation – helps elevate stiffness and pain
  • Better Concentration and elevated mood
Zoom Seated Tabata Class

Cross Crawling/Cross Lateral Exercise Patterns

By far I believe the most important Benefit of this class is the focus on Cross Lateral Exercises.  Cross Lateral Exercises re-enforces the skills needed to walk.  (Re-integrating your brain and nervous system to organise your mind and body connections). 

Cross Lateral or Cross Crawling refers to movements using opposite sides of the body to work together to coordinate the right arm and left leg, then the left arm and right leg.   

According to “Your Therapy Source” the physical and mental benefits of Cross Crawling Exercises are as follows:

  1. Stabilizes your walking gait coordination – builds core strength
  2. Energizes your body and calms your mind – releases tension and stress
  3. Improves your eye teaming skills – essential for focus, reading, and writing
  4. Enhances whole-brain thinking – your left and right hemispheres work together
  5. Develops proprioception – your spatial and kinaesthetic awareness

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My classes take this a step further by adding combinations of movement.  E.g. upper body does the same movement and lower body does alternating movements or we exercise the right arm and right leg.  The combinations are endless (your brain is also working out!)

Seated Aerobics on Youtube

Stabilising the Pelvis & Improved Posture

Seated exercise Pelvis stabilised whilst working upperbody

Exercising while seated allows us to stabilise the pelvis while we move the Upper body.  Personally, I feel by stabilising my pelvis I work my upper body and particularly my shoulders with greater range of movement and more intensity.   Overtime I have felt my shoulders and arms move with more ease.  I also do not slouch!

What Next, Do the Class smile

You can do this class every Wednesday at 9.30 am via Zoom (Northern Territory Time).  Bookings Essential.

My Classes are also on YouTube

If you live in Darwin, you may wish to attend COTA and do the class with me.  You will need to book, as spaces are limited.